Home is … where my yarn is ?

I is back !! 3.5 months away in a loud district of Istanbul and of all times during the election campaign, made me appreciate the silence here so much more. I had a good time in Istanbul and charged a lot of energy, but I couldn’t meet all the friends I wanted to meet … well maybe in a few years then. I did meet this lovely creature at my aunt’s place though :)


Thankfully my mom was there with me for a month and made me finish THE EuroBlanket :) She also crocheted parts of it and the last lines around the blanket as well. And my aunt helped a bit too. Some squares are from her. So, a special thanks to my mom and aunt !!

Now, we the team, have to decide where to sell it, to which price, and whether to a fix-price or auction ? Let the comments and suggestions come in :) Maybe we should put a poll on the EST blog as well.


The blanket measures 126 x 96 cm. Not all the granny squares I received were used here, because not all of them were the same size. I’m planning to make them into cushions and list in our charity shop.


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  1. baa Says:
    July 22nd, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    sorry girls .. I accidentally deleted the comments :(