Born on the 22th of November… Clearly, I’m not good at writing about myself and will therefore simply give two lists of things I like and dislike.


… books, thinking, ice cream, Hindi, good food in small portions, yarn, stationary, Taare Zameen Par, electronic gadgets, JAVA, writing, Swades, Istanbul, libraries without internet, facts, rainy days, old relatives, Zaytuna Institute, working on character defects, compilers, logic and reasoning, Feynman, marshmallow, Indian airports, Kung Fu, Sufi instrumental music, knowledge based approaches to life, blue, command line programming, Wodehouse, differential equations, Shaun the Sheep, Ramadan ( the month not a person, mind you), patience, Chinese traditional music, Randy Pausch, Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, sound of a guitar, Yusuf Islam (Peace Train, Miles from Nowhere, and Roadsinger !! ), tea, TED Conference, watermelons, letters, milk, Bortolotti, buttons, tulips, Pixar, Ken Robinson, Ruby on Rails, outsourcing, rooibus tea, jasmine green tea, playing board games with at least 3 people, essays by William Zinsser, perfectionism …


… self-pity, loud noises, smoking, spoiled kids (and adults for that matter), Slumdog Millionaire, disturbing videos and books, to cry in public, deadlines (even though I clearly need them), greed, miserliness, pupils who don’t want to put the effort into learning, indecisiveness, alarm clocks, easily bored people who apparently think that it is everybody’s duty to entertain them, purposelessness, illogical argumentation, Richard Dawkins, opera, people who ask for advice but have no intention to listen to it, assumptions based approaches to life, television, pseudo intellectuals, bubble gum, arrogance, heels,   …

3 Responses to “About”

  1. maisy Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Great lists – and I empathise with so many things!

  2. Kreativlink Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 9:58 am

    Oh I can’t stand chinese music, but you got me with Stargate! ;)

  3. Lindecise Says:
    May 12th, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    So nice to meet you Baa ! :D